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Tune Upgrade Package

This is for existing customers only. New customers need to buy the full version first

If you’re here you must be upgrading the modifications on your car and require a new tune to suit. Unlike other companies Tarmac Engineering doesn’t lock you in to specifically using and buying our hardware, you’re free to use any branded hardware you like.

To upgrade your tune all you need to do is use the drop down menu to and select all the current modifications on your car. Enter your original order number that was emailed to you at the time of your initial purchase in the special requirements section and submit the order. Please allow up to 16 business hours to complete your new tuned files. You will be sent the modified file/s and it can then be loaded into the car via the SpecTune Controller.



DSG, Manual

Intake System

Aftermarket Intake, Factory Intake


Downpipe only, Factory Exhaust, Full Exhaust System


Factory Intercooler, Upgraded Intercooler

Fuel Pump

Factory Pump, Upgraded Pump

Fuel Rail Valve

136 Bar, 145 Bar, 155 Bar, 165 Bar, Factory Valve

Power Delivery Type

Aggressive, Linear

About SpecTune

SpecTune unlocks the true performance of your vehicles engine through advanced ECU Tuning resulting in an increase to vehicle power and torque safely throughout the entire RPM range. This unique process is accomplished by calibrating how the ECU communicates to the engines vital components to provide a true performance experience.

We employ an extensive process in developing vehicle software

  1. Record thousands of datalogs from the vehicle in its factory state across all types of applications including controlled dyno cell, road driving, track racing and drag racing. Datalogs provide real time feedback of engine data including boost, air fuel ratio, ignition timing, intake air temperatures and hundreds more. Datalogs and Factory ECU algorithm is then studied.
  2. ECU coding development. Before we start increasing engine performance we must understand exactly how the factory ECU works. SpecTune engage with industry leading software which gives us access to 100% of the code in the ECU so nothing is missed, everything is considered. Having complete access to 100% of the ECU gives us a huge advantage over our competitors which can be restricted to only a few maps given to them by poor 3rd party software.
  3. Performance development is started. As we slowly start calibrating all vital engine components to achieve increases in power and torque we strictly adopt the OEM safety mechanism code as used by the factory to ensure reliability and longevity of engine components. This process is carried out with factory hardware and then a variety of aftermarket hardware inlcluding Cold Air Intakes, Exhaust systems, upgraded fuel parts, intercoolers, DSG tunes and race fuel.
  4. After we’re happy with our results the vehicle is tested in multiple environments to ensure optimized performance is achieved no matter what the driving conditions. Any fine tuning calibration will take place at this point and be retested.
  5. SpecTune software for your vehicle platform is released and ready to enjoy.

Key points:

  • 30% average increase in Power and Torque + better throttle response
  • Tuned specifically to your vehicle
  • Choose your power delivery type
  • Option to switch between tune types in the comfort of your home or workplace
  • Tuned to suit Australian conditions
  • Complete custom tuning available
  • Factory ECU safety mechanisms used for reliability
  • Completely reversible back to the factory tune
  • All ECU algorithms calibrated correctly to deliver ultra-smooth performance
  • Engineered to work in all environments