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Emmanuele Design eMMOTION MK7 R, 8V S3 Rear Sway Bar Upgrade

For those looking for the next step in improved handling, we are pleased to release our rear sway bar upgrade for the MK7 Golf R or 8V S3. Intended to be paired with our lowering spring kit, the rear sway bar upgrade will reduce body roll to create a more neutral steering balance. This sway bar upgrade is specifically designed to function with the OEM front sway bar, getting rid of the factory under-steer while allowing enough compliance for a comfortable ride and predictable suspension behavior.

OEM 21.8 mm Sway Bar Rate: 450 lb./in.

eMMOTION Sway Bar Rate: 655 lb./in.

What’s In The Box?

Sway Bar – The sway bar is a 23.8mm solid bar that is manufactured in the USA from high quality spring steel. We opted for a solid design, as it ensures that our sway bar will last a lifetime of abuse without risk of breakage or deformation. In order to maintain the factory suspension geometry (for those using stock end links), we opted for a non-adjustable design.

Billet Brackets – Included with each sway bar is a set of our custom billet brackets. Through CAD design and stress analysis, we developed a stronger alternative to typical stamped brackets. Each bracket is CNC machined, anodized black and finished with a stealth “e”.

Upgraded Bushings – The included bushings are designed to minimize noise typically associated with polyurethane bushings. Using a unique interior groove, the bushing is able to better hold and maintain lubricating grease. This ensures continued usage without developing squeaks and creaks.

Sway Bar Sizing Explained

Sway bars are typically referenced by a measurement (in inches or mm) that refers to their outer diameter. A solid bar (meaning there is no interior void) will be much stiffer than a hollow bar of the same outer diameter. In order to make comparisons between a solid bar and a hollow bar, you must know the wall thickness of the hollow bar. So when comparing two sizes, say a 22mm solid bar and a 24mm hollow bar, it is inaccurate to conclude that the 24mm bar will be stiffer without first knowing how thick the wall is.