The best 2.0 TFSI downpipe on the market. We’ve teamed up with another local company and are pleased to offer you the best downpipe for your 2.0 TFSI/TSI vehicle. Finally a product that hasn’t been rushed to the market place.

2 years have been spent in research and development which included extensive 3D CAD modeling to optimize flow for maximum performance. The only way to get the best quality and highest flow was to introduce a 304 stainless steel investment casting that bolts straight to the turbo. By using this specifically engineered casting we’re able to extract gases from the turbocharger quickly resulting in better throttle response at low rpm and maximum power at high rpm. This is followed by 3 inch piping with V-band flanges that include an in house designed crush gasket system to ensure zero leaks. These V-bands are not your ordinary cheap V-bands being sold by lessor companies, they are of highest quality and interlock for seamless installation.

Free Delivery Australia wide

Other key features:

Direct replacement for stock
100% bolt on
Investment cast 304 stainless steel dump
3D CAD designed for optimal flow and performance
Increases power and torque
Smoother engine operation
Features proprietary V-Band flanges with zero lip system for optimal flow and strength
V-Band flanges feature our own crush gasket system to ensure zero leaks
Piping is full 3″ (76.2mm) to the merge with the factory catback.
Piping is radially buffed to a #4 finish for optimum appearance
Catalytic Converter is a 100 cell euro 5 unit specifically designed
All factory heat shields are retained
Includes all required parts